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Danrec A/S – Durable plastic plates made of recycled plastics

Danrec A/S manufactures and sells high quality plastic plates, called DAN-Board, that are produced from assorted and purified recycled plastics. 

We provide DAN-Board plates in various sizes and colors and we have always a variety of different items on stock in order to be able to deliver at short notice.

​Resistant and durable products

​Our products are distinguished by a number of excellent properties.

The plates are resistant to mechanical loads and pressure and have also good wear resistance. They have also a high resistance to water, chemicals and bio-organic fluids.

DAN-Board plastic plates are easy to handle, to work on and to clean. Therefor they are suitable for diverse applications in different sectors and industries.

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Danrec A/S
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Tlf.: +45 97 100 200
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Danrec A/S

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Tlf.: +45 97 100 200

CVR: DK 16 17 17 00